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Magsingal Association of Northern California met with the previous, current and new scholars last April 24, 2011 at the San Vicente Senior's Hall. MANC was going to award only 2 new 4-year college scholars who will go to University of Northern Philippines but Mr. Carlos Maranion, the chairman of the Magsingal Scholarship Foundation, begged me to award more scholars because there were 19 applicants from the different high schools of Magsingal. I, then, went to the members and pleaded for help and was lucky enough to get 3 more family sponsors, who responded to my call and pledged to sponsor each a scholar although one of them did not want her name to get published. MANC then awarded a yoyal of 5 new scholars for the school year 2011 - 2015 at the UNP. The scholars and their sponsors are:

1. Jack Kevin Bautista----------Miramar----------------------------BSE----------------------MANC

2. Ruth Ceria---------------------San Ramon-----------------------BSCS---------------------MANC

3. Jonel Ceria---------------------Sarsaracat-----------------------BSIT----------------------Evelyn Cuaresma Dayda

4. Jovelyn Quitoriano-----------Bungro-----------------------------BSE-----------------------Nolie & Amy T Acoba

5. Bernard Renon---------------Miramar---------------------------BSA------------------------Incognito

To date, MANC has awarded a total of 39 scholars and there are, currently, 13 scholars studying at University of Northern Philippines;  22 of them had already graduated. Out of the 22, who graduated, 2 are working already for Dep Ed, 2 are high schools teachers, a manager of Jollibee in Vigan, 3 are wokring in Makati, 5 are working abroad, a day care worker, a nurse at the Magsingal District Hospital, one is in Delano, California, and one is in France. Check our pictures at the Gallery pages of this website. 

As president of MANC, I want to personally thank all MANC members, who gave their all out support to our noble projects of MANC such as these Scholarship program and Medical Missions especially to the family sponsors and donors of these just concluded events in Magsingal. I hope that you'll continue to support this association for more years to come.

I want to thank Henry and Cora Cuaresma for contributing money that was used to purchase a laptop that was given to the Magsingal Scholarship Foundation so that scholars can communicate with MANC through the internet regularly.

I, also, want to thank Mr Carlos Maranion, Mrs Librada Garcia, Mrs Myrna Manzano, and Edgar Pablico for running the Magsingal Scholarship Foundation to make sure all the sholars are studying properly and disburse their tuition fees and allowances on time.

Good luck everyone and God Bless.


Nestor Viloria

MANC President & Scholarship Coordinator




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