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 on: October 26, 2010, 12:01:11 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > September 14, 2010.  
The VGent Group of Companies
FPG 74th Birthday Celebration
August 7, 2010
Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur
FPG 74th Birthday Celebration
A Season Of Giving
Early Christmas on August 2010

It was the month of August, a month of scourging morning heat with contradicting occasional rain showers in late afternoons, but for the residents of Magsingal and San Juan, Ilocos Sur, it felt like Christmas season.  In contrast to last year's birthday celebration, Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, chairman emeritus of the VGent Group of Companies, opted to center his 74th birthday celebration on the concept of giving.  Hence, on August 6-7, 2010, a line-up of various activities entered on philanthropy was conducted within Ilocos Sur culminating on the chairman's birthday celebration at his ancestral house, converted to VGent Foundation House, in Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.
On August 6, 2010, the actual birth date of Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, championed by the husband and wife tandem, leaders of the VGent Group of Companies in the persons of its Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe and wife, Overall Chairman Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe, started the day by donating ten (10) computer sets to the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) in Vigan City as a material portion of VGent Foundation, Inc.'s memorandum of agreement with UNP in the areas of technology, education and sports. Later at noon time, the VGent Foundation Scholarship Grants were held benefiting fifty-two (52) scholars.  The day ended with the inauguration of the Botobot Bridge in Barangay Miramar where VGent Group played a key role in its completion and repair as a prime project of Miramar Barangay Council.
Despite the long day and tiring activities, it wasn't enough for Mr. Fel Gorospe and Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe. The following day, on August 7, 2010, a bus full of representatives from VGent Group of Companies along with Don Bosco Makati Football Team arrived from Manila to help out in the 2010 Medical Mission during the morning.  But it wasn't your ordinary medical mission.  Aside from medical and dental consultations, free medicines and dental services were given to the community by VGent Group's pharmaceutical and distribution arm, Mannheim International, Inc. and SeaHorse Industries, Inc.  Food and beverages were provided by VGent Group's travel and tour company, Phil-Slovakia Travel, Inc. Clean distilled water were distributed by Global Aquatech Technology Services, Inc. while organic products and slippers were distributed by Trademakers Business Solutions, Inc. to indigents.  Finally, job assistance were provided by Eurokonsult Human Resources, Inc. while sports activities were conducted by ProTrade Consultancy Services, Inc. and VGent Europe, s.r.o.
As an integral and unique part of the mission, the VGent Football Academy was inaugurated along with the future site of the VGent Football Field.  With the support of Don Bosco Football Team as well as the local University of Northern Philippines Football Team, a football clinic was held to inspire the youth of Magsingal through sports. A friendly match was held between Don Bosco Football Team and the local Magsingal Football Team wherein Magsingal Vice Mayor Alrico Favis served as the guest of honor. Fun, inspiring and enjoyable are the words that could describe the games, but would still yet prove to be an understatement of the happiness it brought to everyone.
At noon time of August 7, 2010, a sumptuous lunch was served to the guests to celebrate and culminate the 74th Birthday Celebration of Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. Birthday cakes and greetings poured in and one can only conclude that this day is indeed very personal to everyone.  Personal greetings from various company presidents flowed through the occasion with the smiles of the youth and children serving as an inspiring backdrop.
"I am very happy that all of you are able to join us during this celebration.  I would like to thank all the guests, especially our friend from Don Bosco Makati, who came all the way up here to the North to help this community. My wish for my husband is that he would have more birthdays to come so that he could help more people as this is very inspiring for all of us," said Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe during the festivities.
Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe concluded the event by saying, "This year is about giving. I feel that it is high time for me to concentrate on this community and ensuring that it reaches as much development as it can have during my lifetime.  Thank you all for coming and sharing this with me."

 on: October 25, 2010, 11:33:39 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > September 14, 2009   
The VGent Group of Companies
Botobot Bridge Inauguration
August 6, 2010
Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur
In Celebration of FPG 74th Birthday
Botobot Bridge Inauguration
building bridges, building lives

"We'll cross the bridge when we get there."
This line is perhaps one of most famous phrase used to depict that one need not to worry ahead of time. However, when you are in Ilocos Sur, particularly in the Town of Magsingal, this may not be that fitting when bridges made of hollow soil are swept by currents brought by the rainy season.
In some twist of fate, on the night of August 5, 2010, a day before the set inauguration date of the Botobot Bridge, an extraordinary heavy rain poured sweeping away the uncompleted Pagsanaan Bridge which serves as the main connecting road from the main road to the inner communities of Barangay Miramar. The next best diversion when Pagsanaan Bridge is unavailable is Botobot Bridge although one has to go around neighboring towns adding about 30 minutes of travel time to be able to reach Barangay Miramar, the main venue of VGent Group of Company's Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe's 74th birthday celebration.
As such, one might ask, "what if Botobot Bridge was not ready?" Then the unthinkable would have happened - no 4-wheel vehicle can pass through and reach the inner communities.
On August 6, 2010, the repair on Botobot Bridge was completed. With a load limit of 1.5 tons, the basic transportation needs of residents of the Town of Magsingal is met and alternative routes are provided. During the inauguration, a special prayer and blessing was held by Rev. Segundino Cortez
Members of the barangay council headed by Brgy. Captain Francis Banadero attended the ceremony and graced by Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, Chairman Emeritus and Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe, Overall Chairman of the VGent Group of Companies.  The community leaders who attended are Retired US Navy Domingo Reynon, Brgy. Council Justo Tangdet, Brgy. COuncil Felix Renon, Brgy. Council Chriswell Renon, Brgy. Council Ruzzel Tabuga, Brgy. Council Arnel Renon
The repair and inauguration of Botobot Bridge is a prime project of Miramar Barangay Council and was heavily supported, financially and morally, by the VGent Group of Companies

 on: October 25, 2010, 11:22:35 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
The VGent Group of Companies
UNP-VGent Industry Academe Linkage
August 6, 2010
Guestel Hall, UNP Main Campus, Vigan City
In Celebration of FPG 74th Birthday
UNP-VGent Industry-Academe Linkage, Sealed
Sports, Education and Technology

As a reinforcement of last year's University of Northern Philippines (UNP)'s awarding of its Most Outstanding Alumnus 2009 in the person of Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, the VGent Group of Companies through its philanthropic arm, VGent Foundation, Inc. this year sealed an industry-academe linkage with UNP by signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) formalizing the partnership of UNP and VGent in the areas of Education, Sports and Technology further highlighted by the latter's donation of ten (10) computer sets to the academe at Guestel Hall, UNP Vigan Main Campus on August 6, 2010.
The event was attended by various student leaders and active student organizations within UNP who are vital stakeholders in ensuring the MoA signed will attain success and executed properly.   According to Mr. Wilberto Tabutol, UNP Board Secretary who opened the ceremonies, "we are very fortunate to have an alumnus like Mr. Fel Gorospe who believes in the cause and is very passionate in helping the community."
The signed MoA is an expansion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on October 16, 2009 and aims to strengthen ties between VGent and UNP for the betterment of the communities of Magsingal and San Juan, Ilocos Sur, in the areas of sports, education and technology.
According to Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe, overall chairman of the VGent Group of Companies, "We have adopted and is very focused on helping the towns of Magsingal and San Juan because this is where my husband, Mr. Fel Gorospe, grew up. It seems however that it is vital to expand our reach to UNP because together we believe we can achieve more."
Upon sharing of the premises of the MoA and the plan of action to bring more literacy programs, technology alleviation and skills transfer, and sports expertise in the field of football, student leaders from various UNP school organizations captured the vision and expressed willingness to heed to the calling and help the areas of focus of VGent Foundation.
"A year ago, during the deliberation on who should be awarded as UNP's Most Outstanding Alumnus, there was no contention at all. It was Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. Today is just another proof of Mr. Gorospe's unwavering dedication to help.  It would only fitting and proper to call and pronounce Mr. Gorospe as Don Felicisimo Gorospe," quipped Dr. Gilbert Arce, Dean of Student Affairs, during UNP Response of the ceremonies as he wittingly describes the word 'Don' to be an amalgamation of the word 'Donor."
"This linkage first came about as a challenge during last year's UNP Grand Alumni Homecoming. We took this into consideration and since this year is a season of giving for VGent Group and myself, we thought it best to expand our relationship with UNP and I strongly feel that this is the right way to strengten our programs in Ilocos Sur," shared the birthday celebrant and 2009 UNP Most Outstanding Alumnus, Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe.
The student organizations which graced the event are Federation of Business Administration Student Organization (FBAS), Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS), Business Management Association of the Philippines (BMAP), Hotel and Restaurant Administration Student Organization (HRASO), Junior Banker's Association (JBA), Association of Communication and Information Technology (ACTS), Future Industrial Technology Educators (FITE), Association of Entrepreneurship Students (AES), Social Sciences Club (SSC), Student Talent Development Program (STDP), Management Accounting Student Association (MASA), Kapisanan ng Magiging Gurong Filipino (KaMaGuFi) and Future Teacher's Association (FTA).

 on: August 27, 2010, 01:49:10 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
A Day in the Life of a VGent Scholar

Uncemented roads, scourging heat, simple countryside communities, indigent kids, hardworking folks, dreams-deprived souls - these are glimpse and thoughts that would awake a VGent Scholar every morning when the sunrise kisses Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. The thin line separating the VGent Scholar from the rest of the community is indeed very thin:  HOPE.

VGent Scholars serve as the hope of their family and the greater community of Magsingal. However, residents like these VGent Scholars who perhaps over 25 years ago have the same set of scenario waking them up are not anymore in this needy community but in a first world country living a comfortable life.  It is refreshing and inspiring to look back, to see if there are improvements in places where you came from. But at the first sight when you see this picture and realize almost nothing changed, it is not inspiring anymore, it is burdening.  Then you see the youth, such as these VGent Scholars, and you feel alive again and share their hopes.

Sheena Tinidor, 17, is a VGent Scholar for over five years now since elementary.  She is currently taking up B.S. Information Technology at the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) in Vigan City, about an hour away from Magsingal. Her mom, Anavic, is a plain housewife while her father, Joselito, is a tricycle driver. Eldest among three children, she never stopped dreaming. VGent Foundation, Inc. saw Sheena's passion thus making her a VGent Scholar and this formed part of VGent's inspiration to make sure its scholarship program lasts for 100 years. When asked about Sheena's motivation, she roots it to her family and the promise of a better life through education. When asked about Magsingal's challenges, she uniquely responds about the sadness when a fellow VGent Scholar falls off the grid and decides not to pursue their dreams and start working at an early age to help out.  The underlying problem, Sheena adds, is the capacity and fortitude to hold on to dreams.

A day in the life of a VGent Scholar is a day of reality. When this reality haunts you and asks you what have you done to give back to your neighborhood, your community or even your country, you bifurcate and look at this day in two ways.  Either you get the satisfying feeling that you have done something, or you feel guilty that you have done nothing.  Hence, at the end of the day you ask yourself, which one is it?

 on: August 27, 2010, 01:47:36 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe

My recent brief hospitalization afforded me some rest and got me thinking about two words: personal legacy.

Life and death is a funny business.  You invest everything when you are alive so that you can rip those investments and be remembered when you are gone.  What is in between is hoped to be your personal legacy. A legacy is what someone is remembered for or what they have left behind that is remembered, revered or has influenced current events and the present day.

With the world population pegged at 6,824,400,000 people, less than one percentile of those life stories can be considered as notable personal legacies.  However, legacies are not to be misconstrued as intentional popularity vehicle. You can map your own legacy to target and enthuse your own neighborhood or community.  It would be sad to realize that you have lived this world and not be remembered, not even for a single act.

Most personal legacies are limited to family circles.  I implore everyone to extend it, map it to your community.  That singular 10-year old boy within your neighborhood who is struggling and succeed because your life inspired him, may count more than being known by six billion people of the world.  That same 10-year old boy may have been what your community, your country or the world has been waiting for, and will thereon continue your legacy.  We will never know, but we can always hope.

With all that, I ask you, have you mapped your personal legacy?

 on: August 27, 2010, 01:42:44 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe

Giving is perhaps one of the most admired verb in the English vocabulary.  The act of giving is hailed by many, acclaimed by the public and oftentimes remembered by the recipients for the rest of their lives.  

The VGent Group of Companies recently collectively supported my vision to celebrate my 74th birthday as their chairman emeritus, by thrusting multilateral acts of giving or philanthropy.  In contrast to last year’s birthday celebration where a Yacht Birthday Party was held cruising Manila Bay, this year we thought it best to give back to the community.  As such, on August 6, 2010 which is the actual day of my birthday, an Industry-Academe Linkage with the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan City, Philippines, was sealed and ten (10) computer sets were donated; VGent Scholarship Grants ceremonies were held and sixty (60) elementary, high school and college scholars from Magsingal, Ilocos Sur and San Juan, Ilocos Sur were supported; and finally, the Botobot Bridge in Ilocos Sur was inaugurated benefiting the residents of Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur and its neighboring areas.  The following day, on August 7, 2010, a Medical Mission consisting of medical and dental services, health and wellness services and distribution of various products to indigents were held followed by the inauguration of the VGent Football Field where playoffs and a football clinic were done in cooperation with Don Bosco Football Team.  At the end of the weekend, everybody felt good about themselves and a different form of satisfaction was achieved.

That is the magic of giving or philanthropy, it is a two-way street.  Contrary to assumptions that philanthropy works only one way wherein the recipients are the only ones benefited, the giver or philanthropist is actually also benefited because at the end of the act of giving itself, there is a different form of satisfaction achieved.  As such, one may ask, what exactly is the anatomy of a philanthropist?

By definition, a philanthropist is someone who donates his or her time, money and/or reputation to charitable causes.  Some of the most popular and notable philanthropists of all time are Warren Buffet who pledged USD$30.7 billion worth of assets to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Andrew Carnegie who donated to build over 2500 libraries worldwide; Howard Hughes who donated USD$1.57 billion to various charities including Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Michael Jackson who donated more than USD$300 million to various organizations and founded the Heal the World Foundation; George Clooney who is highly visible in aiding the Darfur Conflict and organizing Hope for Haiti Now; and many more.   However, the greatest philanthropists maybe those that we haven’t heard of, that doctor who died saving a village from a basic disease or that volunteer who gave his life for a charitable cause because he wanted to make a difference.

Contrary to popular impression, a philanthropist is not defined by the amount of moneys given but by the level of passion and desire.  The common denominator among any philanthropist is that the subject of their philanthropy is something that is close to their heart, most often an area that has touched them once in their lives.   Further, that the act of philanthropy itself already evolved as a biological and social need, the need for the philanthropist to get involved and do something.  Most importantly, it is within the bone structure of the philanthropist to convert wishful thoughts into reality because whether in a conscious or subconscious level, he or she feels that the work being done will define his or her legacy and humanity.

There is a giver in all of us.  I am very fortunate and happy that the VGent Group of Companies share with me the guiding principle of “doing business with a conscience.”    It is innate to human beings to desire to give and help, the challenge has always been to act and convert it to reality.   It is the challenge we should live with everyday.

 on: June 22, 2010, 09:07:12 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Eyes on the Ball, Eyes on the Goal!
Philippines-Slovakia Sports Cooperation 2010

"First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win."

This proverbial line of perhaps one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known, Mahatma Gandhi, is the moving inspiration of young football athletes who participated in the recently concluded Futbol Revolution, the first ever sports collaboration between the Slovak Republic and the Philippines in terms of selecting soccer players under the age of 12 years old to compete in the global arena. Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is still far from being a popular sport in the Philippine setting. However, the potential is just too enormous to be ignored by the VGent Group of Companies. As such, through ProTrade Consultancy Services, Inc., the VGent Group initiated cooperation between Slovakian-based Gasmonta, s.r.o. and Philippine primer producer of young athletes, Don Bosco Makati, to conduct Futbol Revolution to facilitate local competitiveness in international sports.

The campaign to promote association football in the Philippines included selection and knowledge-transfer activities, Don Bosco Makati supplied the candidates for selection while Gasmonta, s.r.o. provided football experts from Slovak Republic.  Over 100 young athletes were initially screened and 85 made it through the first selection process.  Upon further funneling of players, 20 young athletes were selected and finally, ten (10) skillful kids composed the team.  The final ten (10) football youngsters are Paolo Joaquin M. Barro, Carlo Jose T. Bolleser, Artuz Aaron D.G. Cezar, Bernardo L. Cloza III, Kyle Danzel R. Fajardo, Juan Paolo P. Lukban, Juan Marco C. Matriano, Mark Adrian A. Miralles, Juan Clipper D. Rombano and Benedict Matthew D. Santos.

Head Coach Edgar Robert De Jesus, together with Assistant Coaches Michael Jayson Agbayani, Aquilino Pastoral III and Aprolinar Arenal all made sure that the young football athletes receive continuous training to prepare them for international events coordinated by Gasmonta, s.r.o. opening up opportunities of sports cooperation between the Philippines and Slovakia as well as the greater European Union.

When asked about the Futbol Revolution and how its entire concept came about, VGent Group of Companies Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe reminisces, "almost 40 years ago, during the 1970’s, I started my passion for sports and organizing sports event when I was still the sports coordinator in my previous job. I never stopped. So when the concept came about organizing a football team in the Philippines supported by our Slovakian friends, I didn’t think twice, I knew we had to make sure this materializes.”

Looking back at the primary driving force in participating, Gasmonta, s.r.o. President Mr. Joseph Planchar noted in native Slovakian, “we saw the potential in the Philippines, especially the young ones, considering their enthusiasm in sports.  So it is only a matter of time before they get engaged in football, and we in Gasmonta would like to help it start so we started and participated in this expertise and knowledge transfer of football techniques from Slovakia to the Philippines so they can participate in international events.” 

On the receiving end, Don Bosco Makati Sports Coordinator Rederick Eugenio said, “Don Bosco has been very active in the football or soccer arena.  I am proud to say that we are very happy that international partners such as Gasmonta, s.r.o. have seen the potential of Filipino players through Don Bosco.  It’s just very inspiring!”

During the selection process, Slovakian Trainer Mr. Joseph Dudic commented that “we (they) were very happy about the results of the try-out and selection.  The children are very competitive considering their young age.  Definitely, football has a future here in a Philippines.”  On the other hand, Head Coach Bobby De Jesus observed that “Filipino kids are undoubtedly very competitive.  We have the skills, we have the spirit.  Now, it’s good that we have international partners like Slovakia.  I think we are ready.”

Ten year-old Mark Adrian Miralles, who made it to the cut, further noted with enthusiasm, “I am very happy to be part of the team. We went through a lot to get selected.  I am also happy to have foreign trainers because they are good.  I hope we win.” Mark’s mother, Mrs. Emma Miralles, on the other hand felt and indicated that “it’s very good to see a (your) kid learn values and be competitive through sports.  Football is a very good sport for a (my) child. It is not only inspiring, it’s rewarding as a parent.”

Finally, VGent Group of Companies Overall Chairman Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe, closed the event saying, “our commitment to sports is rooted within our Filipino values and competitiveness.  Football is an area that we in VGent would like to help and be involved with.  Thanks to Gasmonta, Don Bosco, ProTrade and other corporate and individual donors and supporters, we see a very good future for this endeavor.”

 on: June 22, 2010, 09:06:28 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
“West Meets East”
Health = Wealth
1st Spa Wellness Philippines-Slovakia Conference & Exhibit

Talisay, Batangas - Driven by the worldwide demand for holistic living, the VGent Group of Companies through ProTrade Consultancy Services, Inc. and VGent Europe, s.r.o. in cooperation with Club Balai Isabel Resort initiated the 1st Spa Wellness Philippines-Slovakia Conference at the Batangueno Hall of Club Balai Isabel Resort, April 23-25, 2010. Dubbed as “West Meets East,” the first ever affair concentrating on knowledge-transfer and information sharing in terms of spa and wellness expertise between Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, the event was well attended by industry experts from the Philippines and Slovakia.

Seven (7) Philippine wellness institutions participated in the event while fifteen (15) Slovakian spa, travel and wellness entities supported the affair.

Among the Filipino participants are Bioenzyme (The Fifth Factor Wellness Center), promoting their natural healing protocol; Nurture Spa, offering their massage therapeutic techniques during the event; Easy Pha-Max Philippines, Inc., publicizing their wheatgrass power, bio coffee, bio soy, sky wheat and so-easy colon cleaning products; Syncronisity Foot Reflext Saloon, highlighting the importance of foot reflex; YJC Slim Beauty Center promoting their beauty center products and services; The Medical City, exhibiting their institutional health and wellness services; and Club Balai Isabel Resort, showcasing their multi-faceted wellness portfolio. Industry partners also participated in the event such as ePLDT Ventus, Inc. with their talent acquisition programs.

On the other hand, the Slovakian wellness authorities which participated in “West Meets East” included Pol’ana a.s., showcasing detoxification procedures and therapy of respiratory and muscle systems; Spa Piestany, highlighting the extraordinary effects of its thermal springs and sulfur mud; Spa Vysne Ruzbachy, introducing their thermal waters which is therapeutic to the locomotive organs; M.F.B Wellness; Wellness Stary Smokovec; Spa Vrbov; Spa Kosice – Salt Cave; Alba Tatry, s.r.o. which promoted the health resort in the area Slovakian Paradise and Vysoke Tatry; Spa Turcianske Teplice; Spa Bardejovske Kupele and Barowel, s.r.o.  VGent Europe, s.r.o. further provided representation to other spa and wellness companies which are interested to enter into joint-venture agreements to promote cooperation in the industry between the Philippines and Slovakia.

The three-day conference and exhibit were filled with various wellness topics and workshops including traditional and modern methods of holistic and healthy living.  Over 200 participants attended the conference/exhibit.

According to the VGent Group of Companies Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, “West Meets East started as an idea when we observed that similar to Slovakia and the Philippines, the demand for spa and wellness services seem to be increasing and the opportunities in the industry makes sense.  Hence, we collaborated with some local players and Slovakian companies to start the ball rolling.”

The roster of speakers included industry leaders, healthcare practitioners, traditional healers and modern lifestyle gurus.  Most knowledge-transfer activities however existed when exhibitors themselves mingled together and learned about how to work best together and spot areas of opportunities to provide a unique and compelling wellness program to both markets.

Club Balai Isabel Resort President Mr. Nelson Terrible who opened the event mentioned that “Club Balai has been an avid supporter to the advocacies and cause of our Slovakian friends. When this opportunity and idea came along, I was 100% on board and knew that this is something we should be a part of if not champion it.”

The Taal Volcano and Taal Lake served as a magnificent backdrop of the event congruent to the relaxation atmosphere that “West Meets East” is promoting.  Fundamental to the conference, naturally, is the wellness and holistic ambiance brought about by the garden venue.

According to Ms. Michaela Kovacova, marketing manager of Pol’ana, a.s., “our intent is to share the technology and techniques we have in Slovakia in terms of wellness to the Philippine market, since the spa and wellness industry in the Slovak Republic is very big, and of course, learn some of the Filipino ways of rejuvenation.”

Mr. Jan Dina, managing director of VGent Europe, s.r.o. added, “the wellness industry is a growing market globally and together, I am sure that both the Philippines and Slovakia will benefit from activities of collaboration such as this one.”

Speaking for the youth market, event organizer Ms. Tintin Terrible noted that “young professionals currently are becoming more health-conscious and knowing new ways and new wellness programs will further expand the service offerings for the Philippines.  Our young people always look for what’s new and this event is all about that.”

VGent Group of Companies Overall Chairman Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe concluded the event by saying that “events like the West Meets East are a testament of the VGent Group’s commitment to look into niche and unique industries were Philippines and Slovakia can collaborate and mutually benefit.  It is undeniable that there is a strong clamor and demand for health-related programs and thanks to our friends both locally and internationally, we are able to organize events like this to answer to this growing demand.”

 on: April 12, 2010, 07:36:54 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
THE Simple Life OF

Written By: Angelo D. Tabuac

            January 2000.  This was supposed to be the end of the world. Hypes about the then so-called “millennium bug” were off the charts. I really didn’t take this bug seriously being an information technology practitioner myself as I am certain there is always a solution to any programming anomaly. I was faced with a rather bigger problem – how do I make my life and my personal economy better? In plain words, how do I make more money? While working in a highly diversified conglomerate in the Philippines as an investment associate, I did some consultancy projects on the side. It was this year of the millennium bug that I met Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe or simply “Fel.”

            Mr. Gorospe contracted me to conduct a technology validation and feasibility study on meteor burst communications technology to be applied in the South East Asian setting. The technology is enabling communications via falling stars. Meteors falling from the sky basically create a reflector-like trail acting as a natural satellite and Mr. Gorospe envisions this to be of great benefit to the Philippine market and the greater ASEAN region. I thought he was a man of vision and I was impressed. In pursuing the localization of this technology, we went to The Netherlands to validate the technology applications in Western Europe and later on in the United States to meet with the patent holders. It was during this period that I got intrigued with the life of Mr. Gorospe.

           The uniqueness and greatness of Fel Gorospe does not rely on the profoundness of his thoughts, but rather on the realism of his ideas. In life, one is exposed to too many complications that you tend to forget the simple things that is basic and real and that which really matters, Fel Gorospe always find a way to relay this message to his peers effectively. Mr. Gorospe epitomizes the adage that ultimate sophistication can only be achieved through simplicity.

            Fel Gorospe didn’t grow up from an affluent family. Although the surname “Gorospe” is known to be a family of old riches, Mr. Gorospe would jokingly say that he came from the poor side of the Gorospe clan. In fact, Fel would always say in his speeches that he is proud to come from the poor because that served as his inspiration to achieve more in life. None could ever be more inspiring and motivating than the need to put food on the table.

            As a child, Fel lived an ordinary and normal life. Born on August 6, 1936 to Mr. Santiago Gorospe, truck driver, and Mrs. Nieves Pio, housewife, Fel was the eldest among 12 children. Living in Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Fel is notorious as being an active kid, sometimes overly active, as his hyperactivity is focused on humoring elders in his community. A memorable story in Fel’s childhood would be his trauma towards Japanese soldiers during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines when his group of friends was joking and name calling Japanese soldiers. One Japanese soldier got irate and all kids ran, unfortunately for Fel who just got into the area and the littlest among everyone for he was left behind and got the spanking of his life. To date however, the trauma is transformed into a humorous story commonly referred to as his “Best Japanese Spanking Ever.” Academically, Fel’s elementary days in Pagsanaan Elementary School however proved exceptional. He was a born leader even at this early age as he led almost all activities within the area.

            In High School, Fel was consistent with his leadership skills. During his freshman and sophomore years in the Ilocos Sur School of Arts and Trade (which later became University of Northern Philippines) in 1951 and 1952, he was elected the batch president in both years. According to Mr. Exaltacion Quitoriano, a former classmate in UNP, he wasn’t elected as batch president during his junior year for school year 1953-54 because he was already the overall student council president, beating the seniors when he was only in third year.

          Mr. Fel Gorospe took his tertiary education from three institutions: Divine World College (1956), Arellano University (1963) and a London-based International Correspondence School (1959). He took up Secretarial Science, Journalism and Short Story Writing. He also has units in Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education. Concurrently, he served as Barrio Lieutenant in Barangay Miramar and in 1957, he successfully enhanced social activities of the community in Magsingal by establishing the Barangay Ronadalla and Zarzuela. During this period, Fel was also instrumental and served as the champion in the establishment of the Barangay Clinic and Post Office in Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. One of the notable acts of Mr. Fel Gorospe is his paving the way for the establishment of Miramar Elementary School. Prior to his efforts, classes were held only in a neighboring barangay until he lobbied to various government officials and the school was finally formalized, concretized and erected.

            Fel’s early professional career is rather intriguing. His mentor, idol and inspiration, as he would openly declare, is the late entrepreneur and visionary Mr. Domingo Guevara of the Guevent Group of Companies.  In 1966-1973, Fel Gorospe served as the Personnel Manager (and concurrently the Editor of Guevent Publications and Sports Coordinator) of Guevara & Sons Inc. and Guevara Foundation, Inc.  His personnel management skills, as he is now a proven people-person, were honed during these years and in collaboration with Mrs. Chita Guevara-Monfort, he was material in establishing the corporate social responsibility take of Guevent Group of Companies, the Guevara Foundation, Inc.

            Prior to his stint with Guevent Group, Mr. Gorospe also held other positions in  the National Census and Statics Office as Illustrator II (1958-1960) and Regional Director (1960-1964). He also served as Editor-in-Chief of various publications such as Volkstrad, Tinig ng Guevent and Guevent Headlines (1966-1972); Silahis, official publication of Technological Training Center, Inc (1973- 1976); and Philippine Garments Today, official publication of the Garment Business Association of the Philippines (1977-1978). He later became the Printing Manager of Magna Services Corp in 1970-1980.

            In 1973, Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe served as president of the Technological Training Center, Inc., a training institution which pioneered the “Study Now, Pay Later” program founded by Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. The program later became a national policy and benefited the Filipino community in large scale. Through Fel, the Technological Training Center, Inc. was able to deploy and assist over l,000 garment and textile workers in Metro Manila.

            The year 1978 was a critical year for Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. This was the year that he decided to take things on his own hands and become a full-blown independent entrepreneur. His life was at stake, but he was willing to take the risk. He formed Villa Gorospe Enterprise which is a family business named after an amalgamation of his late first wife’s maiden name Villa and his surname Gorospe. His late wife, Edith Villa Gorospe, has been very instrumental and supportive in Mr. Fel Gorospe’s entrepreneurial spirit. Villa Gorospe Enterprise was engaged in several businesses including travel and tourism, trading, and business consultancy. Fel served as proprietor and manager of the company from seed stage startup to its maturity. Villa Gorospe Enterprise later on became the VGent Group of Companies in 1988 (ten years after its original formation) deriving its name from its predecessor Villa Gorospe Enterprise.

            Perhaps one of the most painful part of Fel’s life, as I have witnessed it, is the death of his beloved first wife, Edith. As we would commonly call her, “Manang” is a lady you can easily relate to: caring, motherly and always smiling. My memory of “Manang” are all good memories. It was in the year 200_ when “Manang” passed away after fighting lung cancer while in Chicago, USA. This portion of Mr. Gorospe’s life, along with other issues, and coupled with a bad economy, ultimately led him to a decision of scaling down business operations and just settling in the United States. However, some unknown force has been pulling Fel back to the Philippines. This unknown force is perhaps genetically rooted to his passion to helping the Philippines or perhaps mainly, destiny. In 20005, Fel Gorospe found love again with a long-time business associate and family friend, Linda. As I would call her, “Ate Linda” is a jolly, energetic and vibrant lady with overflowing practical ideas. The years of suffering and darkness finally ended, as the two of them rebuilt the VGent Group of Companies and soared high more than ever.
            To date, the VGent Group of Companies is a successful conglomerate with diversified portfolio of business in the fields of tourism, pharmaceuticals, distribution, manpower, technology, environment, education, socio-civic works, brokerage and consultancy. It has presence and partners all over the world with headquarters in Manila, Philippines and Kosice, Slovak Republic. The VGent Group of Companies is composed of VGent Group, Inc. (holding company); Phil-Slovakia Tours Inc. (tourism arm); Seahorse Industries, Inc. (distribution arm); Mannheim International, Inc. (pharmaceutical arm); Eurokonsult Human Resources, Inc. (manpower and human capital division); Global Aquatech Systems, Inc. (environmental technology arm); Trademakers Business Solutions, Inc. (brokerage and consultancy division); ProTrade Consultancy Services Inc. (trade consultancy division focused on Europe); VGent Europe, s.r.o. (head office of VGent in European Union); and VGent Foundation, Inc. (socio-civic and philanthropic sector).

            Fel never stopped caring. In 2009, he ensured that a portion of revenues of the VGent Group of Companies is allocated for socio-civic works including the successful setup of a trust fund for VGent Foundation, Inc. (VFI) that would support at least one hundred (l00) VFI scholars annually and perpetually for the next 100 years. On January 13, 2010, Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe and the rest of the VGent Group of Companies, were material in ensuring and making it possible for bilateral relations of Slovakia and the Philippines to flourish with trade missions in cooperation with Slovakian Ambassador, Stefan Rozkopal. On October 16, 2009, Fel Gorospe was awarded as the Most Outstanding Alumnus of his alma matter, the University of Northern Philippines, honoring him for his over 50 years of determination.

            On December 13, 2009, during the VGent Group’s Annual Christmas Party in Alta Vista de Boracay in Boracay Island, Mrs. Carmen Guevara-Montfort, the daughter of the late Mr. Domingo Guevara who is Fel Gorospe’s long time idol and inspiration said in her speech, “Fel, you have equaled, if not exceeded, the works of your idol.”

            April 2010. It’s been over ten (10) years since I first met Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. I feel honored to have known the man and have witnessed his life. I feel inspired, as I have felt during the first few years that I met him, the same inspiration which led me to start my own business, amass wealth and gain economic advantages. More than the economics however, to know Fel is still humbling. Not because of his achievements or monetary stature, but because of his simplicity. When we were discussing some socio-civic works and about to go to Ilocos, I vividly remember him blurting, “I would enjoy more riding the public buses and commuting going to Ilocos.” That is humbling. That is simple. And that is Fel.

DISCLAIMER: The author, Engr. Angelo D. Tabuac, is an electronics and communications engineer by profession and is currently a successful entrepreneur. He founded three companies, AlterBest Solutions, Inc., Learning Curve Matrices, Inc. and ZTek Telematics Solutions, Inc. of which two became highly successful. Mr. Tabuac attributes considerable segments of his learnings through the informal education he got from his mentor, Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, whom he has known for over ten years now. The facts stated in this biography were all true and real life events which happened and witnessed by the author.

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