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 on: August 16, 2011, 11:41:22 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > August 10, 2011  .  
The VGent Group of Companies
VGent Foundation Scholarship Grants 2011
August 06, 2011
VGent Foundation House, Brgy. Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur

Essence of Sustainability
Awarding of VFI Scholarship Grants 2011

   A good news for underprivileged but deserving students in Ilocos Sur.

   Fifty-eight (58) high school and college students were recently awarded as VGent Foundation Scholars for the school year 2011-2012 in line with the 75th birthday celebration of VGent Group of Companies Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, held at the VGent Foundation House, Barangay Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, on August 6, 2011.

   Since 2001, VGent Foundation, Inc. never stopped supporting deserving students which now comprised of 14 college scholars from University of Northern Philippines (UNP); 13 students from Magsingal National High School; 21 from San Juan National High School; and 10 from The Magsingal Institute (TMI).
   Chairman Emeritus of VGent Group, Inc. Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe noted, “Indigent students who would like to finish their studies would be given the number one priority because for me, education is the best sustainability program for the community. We do not look at the grades of the scholars per se, but on the willingness and determination to finish school”

    Jessamin Asegurado, 19,  a freshman of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) from UNP, and college scholar of VFI said, “If we are able to dream and be inspired in attaining college degrees, it is because of the programs the VGent Group of Companies have built and continue to support. You may not be able to change everything there is to change, but for each one of us, this scholarship grants make a difference.”

    Magsingal Municipal Mayor Mrs. Arlene A. Favis graced the event and said, “Happy birthday Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe. This scholarship program is very important to our community and the Municipality of Magsingal supports VGent Group of Companies in these programs.  Thank you very much for giving back and doing these projects.”

    Overall Chairman of the VGent Group of Companies, Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe concluded the ceremony saying, “On behalf of the VGent Group, I promise you all, that we will continue this initiative of my husband and Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe whatever happens. Just be motivated and promise to us that all of you will study harder and strive further. So that, one day in the next several years, you’ll look back and perhaps be one of the people to give back for the next generation.”

VGent Group, Inc. Press Contact Person:      Mr. JOHANN JOSEPH VILLAR
                        (632) 5284640

 on: August 16, 2011, 10:59:09 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Last August 6, 2011, I celebrated my 75th birthday. Consistent with my vow of three years ago to celebrate my birthday in my hometown of Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, I opted to share my diamond anniversary of life in Barangay Miramar together with the homecoming party of our 2011 Fragaria Cup players & delegates, awarding of VGent Foundation, Inc. scholarship grants and the 3rd medical and dental mission empowering a healthy Ilocano community.
Looking back, 75 years hence, I am happy and fulfilled of what Magsingal has become and is becoming. In less than a year, we were able to facilitate and inspire the establishment of cemented roads and bridge infrastructure, expand our scholarship programs, create a football field and even send two (2) football teams in Europe to compete. It is indeed rewarding.
Every year is a blessing and opportunity to help. With the remaining years of my life, my only wish is that we be remembered by the lives we have touched, and I sincerely hope that I have touched enough lives to justify this long years of my existence.
Fel Gorospe
Chairman Emeritus
VGent Group of Companies

 on: June 30, 2011, 12:02:29 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Philippines-Slovakia Business Council "Oath taking Ceremony"

Press Release > June 15, 2011  .   
Philippines-Slovakia Business Council
Oath Taking Ceremony with Slovakian Ambassador Stefan Rozkopal
June 13, 2011
PCCI Head Office, Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Taguig

Oaths have been taken.  Leaders of the Philippines-Slovakia Business Council (PSBC) held its presentation, induction and oath taking ceremony and witnessed by H.E. Hon. Ambassador Stefan Rozkopal of the Slovak Republic, at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Office, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, on June 13, 2011.
Nine (9) board of directors were recognized, namely, Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe, chairman; Mr. Nelson Terrible, president; Mr. Andre Pablo Fausto, director; Mr. Elino Lamberto Pigtain, director; Mr. Rolando Bautista, director; Mr. Angelo Tabuac, director; Mrs. Yolanda Ronquillo, director; Mr. Ed Serrano, director; and Mrs. Meriam Sebastian, director.
Prior to the oath taking ceremony, a courtesy call took place between H.E. Ambassador Stefan Rozkopal and PCCI President Dr. Francis Chua and witnessed by PCCI Vice Chairman Mr. Donald Dee, PCCI Vice-Chair for International Affairs Mrs. Marivel Carandang, Slovakia Honorary Consul Mr. Rex Siy, PSBC Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, PSBC Chairman Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe and PSBC President Mr. Nelson Terrible.
The program was opened by Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe saying, “I welcome everyone to this meeting and hope that all of us spot opportunities for our respective business activities with the Slovak Republic through PSBC.”
Dr. Francis Chua shared a short message for everyone and mentioned he was grateful that H.E. Ambassador Stefan Rozkopal graced the event with his participation to further expand bilateral relations between the two territories.
PSBC Director Mr. Angelo Tabuac provided an overview of PSBC memorializing its beginnings and creation.  Thereon, PSBC President Mr. Nelson Terrible explained the current status of PSBC highlighted by its recent activities and accomplishments.
To fully understand Slovakia and the underlying opportunities therein, H.E. Slovak Ambassador Stefan Rozkopal presented an overview of Slovakia stressing his office’s determination in building stronger ties between the Philippines and not only Slovakia, but the greater European Union community through Slovakia.
PSBC Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe highlighted the future directions of PSBC at the conclusion of the event and invited everyone to partake in PSBC mission. The PSBC patriarch said in closing, “One of the objectives of this council is to place Philippines-Slovakia relationships on the map. We are fully motivated in doing that.”

 on: May 17, 2011, 11:37:19 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe

There is football craze everywhere in the Philippines. You see football clinics here and there with streamers floating around the metro. VGent's core area of focus, Ilocos, has been in the fore front of these developments, thanks to the recently inaugurated Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA).
Surprisingly, the IYFA football players, trained by the Football Academy of the North (FAN) and supported by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has been impressive and competitive, proven by the recent 2011 IYFA Football Festival attend by 27 football teams from all over Luzon.
Of course, in shaping up Ilocos Football, it is always good to have the community involved. So, if football is your game, and helping is your aim, please email us and give us your name.
Best regards,
Fel Gorospe
Chairman Emeritus
VGent Group of Companies

 on: May 17, 2011, 11:19:48 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
The 1st IYFA Football Festival

The heat is on.  With the summer heat at more than 36C or 97F in Ilocos Sur, it’s definitely going to be tough. Toughing out the Ilocos heat and as a testament to the commitment to reinforcing football awareness and competitiveness to the northern region of the Philippines, 27 football teams felt the heat at the 1st Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA) Football Festival held on May 6-8, 2011 at IYFA Football Field, Brgy. Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.

Comprised of 16 field football teams and 11 beach football teams with more than 120 players, the 27 teams who vied for gold came from different cities and municipalities of Manila, Makati, Mandluyong, Vigan, Magsingal and Laoag. The three-day festival has been a showcase for football clubs and teams to convene and prove their athletic competitiveness at the newly inaugurated IYFA Football Field and the make-shift beach football area in Brgy. Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.

Divided in three parts for the three-day event, the first day was dedicated for the youth division with U18, U14 and U11 categories. The second day is an open division subdivided into men’s field football and youth beach football games. Finally, the third day highlighted exhibition games by IYFA teams showcasing their superiority in beach football games. 

Key guests and speakers include Vigan City Vice Mayor Luis Ryan V. Singson, Municipality of Santa Mayor Jeremy Jesus Bueno III, VGent Group of Companies Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, VGent Group of Companies Overall Chairman Mrs. Erlinda A. Gorospe, Philippine Football Federation (PFF) General Secretary Mr. Ramon Manuel, Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federated Chairperson Ms. Marie Gabrielle Kayla Mendoza and Department of Education (DepEd) Ilocos Superintendent Dr. Marino S. Baytec.

Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, VGent Group of Companies patriarch, formally opened the festival announcing that “the first IYFA football festival is aimed to unite cultures and people through football, by encouraging them from all backgrounds to play together and help promote competitiveness and understanding in all aspects of life”.

On Day 1, Laoag United Football Club (LUFC) Team A championed the U18 category with the peak of their performance highlighted by their impressive footwork against IYFA Damongeros Team, 4-0.  Meanwhile, the energy and fierce offense of Miriam Academy of Valenzuela (MAV) Smokey Team kicked other teams and earned them the gold for both U11 and U14 categories.  Don Bosco Makati (DBTI) Teams A and B, bagged the 1st and 2nd runner up, respectively in the same U11 and U14 categories.

   The seemingly brick wall defense of Modesta Team of Mandaluyong became material for them to emerge as champions during Day 2 of the 1st IYFA Football Festival, Open Men’s Division.  Playing against Modesta Team of Mandaluyong is the equally impressive offense of Vigan Football Club (VFC) Kugtaleros Team who harvested the 1st runner up position.  Laoag City Football Club (LCFC) showed the crowd various exhibition moves during their multiple playoffs in the Open Men’s Division placing them at 2nd runner up, while Vigan Football Club (VF) Matadores Team paved the way for their red-colored uniform to flag the 3rd runner up honors.

   Concurrently with the field football games on Day2, the beach football games which is a unique type of football was held in the nearby beach at Brgy. Miramar, Magsingal Ilocos Sur.  The local teams IYFA Dagateros Team championed all categories, including the U18, U11 and Open Men’s categories in beach football proving them the superior in footwork while in scourging heated sand.  Equally impressive, under the Women’s Division, IYFA Dagateras Team and IYFA Damungeras team bagged the gold for both U18 and U11 categories. 

The last day of the festival is an exhibition game on an all-round beach football games.  As expected, all IYFA Teams in both men’s and women’s division played impressively in the football games held at Miramar Beach.

"It was an amazing experience and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves both on and off the pitch. The tournament itself was very professionally run and all went very smoothly, one of the best features was the compactness of the main site and the closeness of our accommodation to the main venue. The food was excellent considering the large amount of people they had to feed. However, it was football we came for and we were very impressed by the standard of competition offered in the Open Division. We would definitely consider coming back again," said by Matadores Coach Jessie Puruganan.

The event was covered by Core TV channel 10 and ABS-CBN News Team.

 on: May 11, 2011, 11:17:10 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > April 26, 2011  .   
The VGent Group of Companies
St. Williams Institute (SWI) FUN RUN
April 25, 2011
Magsingal, Ilocos Sur

SWI Grand Global Reunion FUN RUN
Running is Always Fun[/b]

Everybody’s undeniably crazy heating and firing it up with summer activities especially if we are talking about beaches, getaways, tanning and athletic summer sports.  The heat season is indeed up-to-the-minute and so, St. Williams Institute Alumni headed by Mrs. Eva Pascua Tadique took it a notch by giving it a different kind of twist and gave us Fun Run happened last April 25, 2011 as part of SWI Grand Global Reunion.  Over one hundred (100) participated and went for a long run in Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.  The event was heavily supported by the VGent Foundation, Inc. and Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA).

   Fun Run was part of the 3-day activities of St. Williams Institute Grand Global Reunion. VFI donated 60 medals (20 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze) for the event.

The event started at 6:30 in the morning with 5-kilometer run for thirteen (13) years old and above followed by the 3-kilometer run for runners twelve (12) years old and below. Mrs. Tadique also the secretary of Futbol Academy of the North (FAN) greeted everyone and said, “I hope you all enjoy Fun Run and make sure you fire up your race bibs and run until the finish line.”

The run starts between St. Williams Institute and Magsingal Church going to San Lucas’ Magsingal Public Market then straight to Bacar. Near the arc, they will find the end of 3k run. On the first water station, runners should get a yellow colored string for evaluation.

As for the 5k run, it goes through at the end of the cemented part of Bacar at the second water station, wherein runners will get a color blue string. Then runners should go back straight ahead to San Basilio, San Julian, San Clemente and San Ramon to finish the friendly race respectively.
Five (5) participants from Ilocos Youth Football Association or IYFA garnered most of the medals.  Under female category, Grace Anne Arellano got 2nd place and Trisha Mae Tabbuga went 1st place in 3-kilometer run while Rhose Marie Reutotal also got 2nd place and Clarissa Arellano 3rd place for 5-kilometer run. Noli Salvador bagged 2nd place in 5-kilometer run under male category.

Jessamin Asegurado a VGent scholar who registered in Fun Run said while catching her breath, “I thought I would win but I guess its not enough though that’s not really important now, the fact that I finished the race is enough for me to feel that I’m a winner.”

An ambulance was on the site including first aid personnel in case of health emergencies. Organizers from SWI Grand Global Reunion felt like it’s more likely for the Fun Run to be repeated next year and this time it would be bigger and more exciting.

 on: April 13, 2011, 01:42:02 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > March 28, 2011  .  
The VGent Group of Companies
1st Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA) Seminar on Coaching and Officiating
March 25-27, 2011
IYFA Football Field, Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur

The 1st Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA)
Seminar for Coaches and Referees

As part of the umbrella initiative, “Futbol Revolution” and to push forward football sports awareness in a structured manner, the 1st Ilocos Football Youth Association (IYFA) Seminar for Coaches and Referees were held at the IYFA Football Field on March 25-27, 2011 in Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.

Thirty three (33) coaches and referees from cities of Vigan, Laoag and Candon as well as from the munipalities of Magsingal, Bantay, Sto Domingo, Santa, Santiago, Binalonan and other parts of Ilocos and Pangasinan region participated in the training.  

Mr. Fernando Flores, Philippine Football Federation (PFF) representative and Department of Education (DepEd) tournament director, together with Mr. Edgar Robert de Jesus, IYFA president and accredited Asian football referee, served as resource persons.

Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe, chairman emeritus of VGent Group of Companies keynoted the seminar with, “When we decided to be material to the development of football sport in the Philippines, we meant it. Currently, there are numerous football clinics all over the country and the sport is becoming increasingly popular. Whether our efforts are measurably material to this awareness or not, the fact is, the Philippines is now transforming into a football nation.”
The seminar was opened by Dr. Antonio P. Agustin, IYFA vice president saying, “We hope that all of the coaches and referees registered here will edify people from their respective towns and provinces.”

Coach Edgar Robert De Jesus, one of the instructors in the said seminar added, “This seminar will be an eye opener to the people here in the north that football is a sport that should be prioritized and give importance for all we know that would a superior program and a good vision from our sponsor we will be victorious in so many ways!”

Exhibition games were held between IYFA team and Vigan football club as well as IYFA girls A team versus B team. The distribution of training kits and video clips including 30 soccer balls were donated by VGent Foundation, Inc. The event was covered by Bombo  Radyo headed by Mr. Lito Javier.

Certificates were given to each participant and the best reward itself is the knowledge-transfer and coaching skills improvement material to the furtherance of football sports in the region.

Coach Jimmy Mallari, a head coach from Laoag commented, “Football is the next basketball!”  Mr. Fernando Flores closed the seminar saying, “To all the coaches and referees who registered here, I hope I shared a bequest of one true remarkable sport which is the football. Let us flourish this game throughout the whole country.”

VGent Group, Inc. Press Contact Person:              

(63927) 7713627
(632) 5284640

 on: March 23, 2011, 01:56:52 AM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Press Release > March 22, 2011  .  
The VGent Group of Companies
IYFA and FAN Launching
March 12, 2011
IYFA Football Field, Miramar, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur

The Launching Ceremonies
Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA)
and Futbol Academy of the North (FAN)

Despite the tsunami scare going around in the North of Manila as a result of Japan's earthquake and tsunami tragedy, the launching of Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA) and Futbol Academy of the North (FAN) still persevered. Hence, on March 12, 2011 in the IYFA Football Field, the anticipated happened. The event was spearheaded by the VGent Group of Companies and supported by the leadership of Vigan City, St. Williams Institute, Miramar Barangay Council and the Municipality of Magsingal. Over 200 football players were trained by IYFA and participated in the launching.
A parade commenced the event showcasing the roster of Miramar Elementary School football players, Miramar Elementary School Rondalla Club, delegates from Miriam Academy of Valenzuela, officers and prime movers of Stl Williams Institute, FAN, IYFA, Vgent Group of Companies, and indigents of Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.   Led by VGent Group of Companies Chairman Emeritus Mr. Felicisimo Gorospe and Overall Chairman Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe, the parade served as an announcement to the community that football will be or is now a promising sport for Ilocos Sur.
During the program, a special prayer and blessing of the football field was offered by Rev. Segundino Cortez of San Isidro and Miramar Parish.  Miramar Barangay Captain Arnel B. Renon welcomed guests and officers by personally acknowledging that, “this is a start of a very athletic beginning for the people of my town.”
Regarded as “milestone in sports” by the keynote guest of the event, Vigan City Vice Mayor Ryan Luis V. Singson recognized that “FAN and IYFA will surely give a life-changing period of athleticism for kids and teens of Ilocos.”
Dr. Antonio P. Agustin, IYFA vice president added, “gapo ti atoy nga proyekto, ado ti maited na nga trabaho ken ado nga turista ti mapan ditoy (this program will generate jobs and promote sports tourism).”
Officers were inducted by Vice Mayor Singson which includes Futbol Academy of the North (FAN) Chairman Mr. Angel R. Tovera, President Mrs. Zosima G. Friala, Vice President Mrs. Myrna C. Manzano, Secretary Mrs. Eva P. Tadique and Treasurer Mr. Gilbert G. Preza. It was followed by Ilocos Youth Football Association (IYFA) President Mr. Edgar Robert O. De Jesus, Vice President Dr. Antonio P. Agustin, Secretary Mr. Glenn P. Taneza, Treasure Mrs. Angelina G. Barroga and Auditor Mr. Mario U. Gorospe.
Coach Edgar Robert de Jesus who is responsible for the grassroots training of the local football players in Ilocos Sur expressed his enthusiasm indicating that, “Magsingal and the greater Ilocos Sur has a lot of potential in being world class football players. In due time and with the support of the academic and business community, we will reach this goal.”
FAN Secretary Mrs. Myrna C. Manzano explained the genesis of FAN and IYFA passionately describing how it started. The program was closed by Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, chairman emeritus of VGent Group of Companies declared, “I am so glad and proud to say that we are right on track and that I am pleased to announce that we are now sending not just one (1) but three (3) teams in Slovakia for the Fragaria Cup.”
A press conference was held after the program as well as an exhibition games between Miriam Academy delegates and IYFA men’s team.
VGent Group, Inc. Press Contact Person:                                      
(63917) 8525522
(632) 5284640

 on: March 02, 2011, 10:53:33 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
Modern Adoption

   Modern Adoption is a term coined by the VGent Group of Companies to depict its sustainability program and community development in its focused areas in Ilocos Sur (the northern region of the Philippines) by means of matching adult donors with student recipients formalized by a Modern Adoption Contract of Undertaking.

   The youth is the best investment for the future in order to sustain growth and development. Adopt-A-Scholar program is VGent’s take on modern adoption where adopters (donors) are linked with adoptees (VGent scholars) throughout their academic lives supported by a monthly stipend with a platform of constant communication through the internet.

   In Modern Adoption, particularly VGent’s Adopt-A-Scholar program, the ADOPTEE submits periodic and at least monthly updates directly to the ADOPTER online (email & chat) and through social networking (e.g. Facebook). Facilitated by VGent’s platform in terms of educational facilities and monitoring and monitoring, the chances of an ADOPTEE’s success academically, and in life as a whole, is increased exponentially, when an outside donor such as the ADOPTER comes into the picture and provides inspiration and motivation to the ADOPTEE.

   Although by definition, it is far from legal adoption, the goal of Modern Adoption is to achieve the same results in terms of care, communication and nourishing of both parties. It is believed that through this process of giving, the ADOPTEE is not the only one benefited but the ADOPTER as well since with such little amount (as low as USD$10.00 or PHP500.00 a month). The realization that you are material to the ADOPTEE’s success in life is indeed rewarding. Besides, you cannot put a price tag on the joys of giving.

Your Help, Their Future

What are your responsibilities as an ADOPTER?

As an ADOPTER, it is expected that you serve as a role model and inspiration for the ADOPTEE. The salient point of Modern Adoption Contract of Undertaking includes the following:

1.   Provision of at least USD$10.00 per month of PHP500.00 per month as a stipend of ADOPTEE Vgent Scholar, paid annually with at least monthly updates from ADOPTEE VGent Scholar inclusive of academic performances.
2.   Periodic communication through the internet with the ADOPTEE.
3.   Inclusion of names to the roster of donor ADOPTERS, except otherwise indicated by the ADOPTER, and on a best effort basis provide references for program expansion.

What are the responsibilities of an ADOPTEE?

As an ADOPTEE, it is expected that the recipient VGent Scholar performs the following:

1.   Be active academically and pursue his/her studies to the best of his/her abilities with an end in goal of being the best in class.
2.   Actively communicate with the ADOPTER through the internet but bearing in mind appropriate sensitivities and respect for time.
3.   Initiate community development projects within his/her community.
4.   Serve as an ADOPTE in the future, upon graduation, and commit to the community of the program.

would serve as the monitoring agency and shall provide educational platform to allow for undisrupted link and communication between the ADOPTER and ADOPTEE.


An ADOPTEE of VGent’s Adopt-a-Scholar Program is one who is highly educated in the University of Life. Often, these children grew up in indigent communities of Ilocos Sur who is deprived of educational support and opportunities forcing them to quit school at an early age in order to help out and provide basic family needs.

VGent’s Adopt-A-Scholar program aims to widen the horizon of the ADOPTEE by encouraging students to dream bigger brought about by the motivational aspect of and ADOPTER. The Adopting Agency, VGent Foundation Inc., provides and educational facility and training to equip the ADOPTEEs with the necessary technology and tool set to constantly communicate with their ADOPTER and have access to the internet and global information.

As an internal and integral support system, each ADOPTEE is part of a Cell Group composed of ten (10) ADOPTEEs that would provide the essential physical and social attribute to sustain the drive of an ADOPTEE when external factors and immediate family issues hurdle educational goals. In the future, it is expected that ADOPTEEs themselves initiate community development projects in order to alleviate poverty within their respective communities. When an ADOPTEE graduates from school, it is also expected that he or she gives back to the community by becoming an ADOPTER, thereby ensuring continuity of the program. Indeed, it is a wise investment to invest in the YOUTH.


An ADOPTER of VGent’s Adopt-A-Scholar Program is one who has been there, done that and now wants to give back. Not necessarily the excessively affluent type, an ADOPTER is viewed as someone who has achieved that maturity where giving back is a need already and the joys of giving are a priceless reward itself.

Ideally, VGent’s Adopt-A-Scholar program aims to bridge the gap between first world dream life living and the dire economic needs of the third world. The current trend of adoption epitomized by celebrities and public figures may be made accessible to the public by means of VGent’s take on modern adoption, the Adopt-A-Scholar program. From the comfort zones of ADOPTER, there is a form of goodness and satisfaction in knowing that simple gestures of kindness and relatively reasonable amounts can change a child’s life, material to the ADOPTEE’s dreams and success.

Looking at a broader perspective, the ADOPTER would serve as a patriarch and catalyst of community development by means of inspiring youth leaders in indigent areas. In doing so, the sphere of influence and inspiration of the ADOPTER is expanded to the ADOPTEE’s family and community. Using the internet and other technology tool sets, the commitment and relationship of the ADOPTER to his or her ADOPTEE is virtual. Although virtual, the effect and emotional aspect is very real and life changing.

Call at (+632) 5284640 or Email us now at to inquire, react or to lend a hand.  You can also assist by looking for someone who can make a contribution or putting us in contact with a potential adopter; a partner or someone who will genuinely commit to this noble cause.

 on: November 14, 2010, 09:05:17 PM 
Started by Fel Gorospe - Last post by Fel Gorospe
The VGent Group of Companies
PSBC Launching | SFOK Introduction
November 4, 2010
Manila-B, Makati Shangri-La Hotel
Bilateral Cooperation
Philippines-Slovakia Business Council: Launched
A natural evolution of over three years of collaboration among various trade entities from the Philippines and Slovak Republic, the VGent Group of Companies and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), together with its European and Philippine partners, successfully launched the Philippines-Slovakia Business Council (PSBC) on November 4, 2010 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.
Concurrently with the launching of PSBC, the Slovak-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, more formally known as “Slovensko-Filipínska Obchodná Komora (SFOK)” in the European Union, was introduced to the local business community further catalyzing bilateral cooperation between the two territories.
According to Mr. Felicisimo P. Gorospe, interim chairman of PSBC and chairman emeritus of the VGent Group of Companies, “Philippines-Slovakia Business Council is a necessary step in furthering our ties with the Slovak Republic which we have built for many years now.  What started out as a mere brainstorming with our European partners is now a dynamic and fruitful business relationship and PSBC will be in the forefront of these opportunities.”
In the same spirit, Mr. Jan Dina, interim chairman of SFOK, reminisces the genesis of the bilateral cooperation and quipped, “At first, I did not know where the Philippines was. I was surprised that my potential business partner was very cold when such temperature was normal to us.  Now, that interest in the Philippines has become very fruitful in the areas of technology, manpower, tourism and many more.”
Over thirty (30) guests graced the event representing the financial industry, public service, healthcare, wellness, real estate, cooperatives and other private sector businesses.   Among the guests were Mrs. Erlinda Gorospe, chairman of the VGent Group of Companies; Ms. Marivel Carandang, vice chair for Trade and International Affairs of PCCI; Mr. Enrique Lim, vice chair of the Phil-US Business Club; and Mr. Ramon Escueta, chairman of the Phil-US Business Club.
The launching of PSBC and introduction of SFOK to the local business community were heavily supported by Slovak Ambassador Hon. Stefan Rozkopal.
VGent Group, Inc. Press Contact Person:    Mr. ANGELO TABUAC    (63917) 8525522 (632) 5284640
<span>About VGent Group of Companies</span>
The VGent Group of Companies is a conglomerate of businesses with diversified portfolio in the field of business development, human resources, travel and tourism, pharmaceutical and distribution and philanthropic works.  Its subsidiary companies include Eurokonsult Human Resources, Inc., Global Aquatech Systems, Inv., Mannheim International, Inc., Phil-Slovakia Tours, Inc., Seahorse Industries, Inc., Trademakers Business Solutions, Inc., VGent Foundation, Inc., ProTrade Consultancy Services, Inc., VGent Europe, s.r.o., and Vgent Group Inc.  It has headquarters in Europe, Singapore and the Philippines.
<span>About Philippines-Slovakia Business Council (PSBC)</span>
The Philippines-Slovakia Business Council (PSBC) is council affiliated with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI). It’s mandate is to boost bilateral relations between the Philippines and Slovak Republic  and cater to business opportunities presented by over 17,000 members of PCCI.  Although recently formed, PSBC has a core membership of 16 company-members already.
<span>About Slovak-Philippine Chamber of Commerce (SFOK)</span>
The Slovak-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, or Slovensko-Filipínska Obchodná Komora (SFOK), is a registered chamber of commerce in the European Union with headquarters in Kosice, Slovak Republic.  SFOK provides a venue for Philippine companies to showcase and educate Slovakian partners about potential areas of cooperation.  In the same manner, it provides an avenue for Slovak companies to forge alliances with Philippine businesses for mutual profitability.
<span>About The Philippines</span>
The Philippine national economy is the 47th largest in the world, with GDP of over US$ 166.9 Billion. Primary exports include electronic products, transport equipments, garments, copper, petroleum, coconut oil, fruits and overseas labor. Of the country’s total labor force of around 38.1 Million, agricultural sector employs about 32% but contributes only to 13.8% of GDP. 46.5% of workers involved in the services sector makes up for 56.2% of GDP.  The Philippines is a member of the World Bank, IMF, WTO, ADB, the Colombo Plan, G-77 and other groups and institutions.
<span>About Central and Eastern Europe</span>
After the collapse of USSR, C.E.E. or Central and Eastern Europe is a term which describes the former communist states in Europe which includes the Eastern Bloc (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania), the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the independent states of the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia).  Except for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Servia, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia, all countries within CEE are already members of the European Union per the accession plans in 2004 and 2007.  It is forecasted that the growth areas and emerging markets of the European Union is identified to be the Central and Eastern Europe.
<span>About Slovak Republic</span>
Slovakia is currently home to 5.455 million people and has annual national income of 10.55 Billion Euros.  In the year 2007, Slovakia reached the highest economic growth among the members of Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union (EU).  Its primary heavy industry includes Coal Mining, Machinery Production, Steel Production while 3.4% of its GDP is accounted for agriculture which occupies 4.7% of their labor force. Over 40% of the land in Slovakia is cultivated.  Slovak Republic is a member of WTO, EU, OECD and NATO.  Its expenses account to 11.55 Billion Euros and GDP growth is pegged at 7.0% p.a.

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